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After one concert, Roger Voisin, principal trumpet, asked Anderson to write a trumpet solo different from the usual loud, martial, or triumphant works in existence.

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On his fourth attempt, he won the Prix de Rome for his Sardanapale. Cadenza-like sections place high technical and musical demands on the soloists.

Program Notes

March to the Scaffold Henry Fillmore: Essays for Solo Trumpet George Bizet: The Four Scottish Dances, composed inare original works that employ traits and timbres derived from Scottish folkmusic. Within two years, he was playing professionally in the jazz field -- later the means of financial resources for his entire university education.

He divided his affections between traditional classical music and the jazz and Tin Pan Alley sound of popular America. This composition is a most welcome addition to the extremely small repertoire of music for symphonic band and piano. Chorale and Alleluia Irving Berlin: Few regions of the lower 48 States can boast the scenic beauty of Oregon.

The third movement, Western One-Step, recalls a variant of an early ballroom dance that was a precursor to the foxtrot. The piece begins with a melancholy oboe solo and a one line melody on a horn in the background.

He was the winner of the Kansas Music Teachers Association student composition contest. Air Force Band in Washington, D.

Fleet Band Activities

Symphonic Songs for Band A three-movement suite, the Symphonic Songs for Band was composed in on a commission from the national band fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi, and was premiered at the national convention in Salt Lake City. Broadway has given us a large number of musical performances that have excited the audiences to spontaneously react with applause that interrupts the production.

Actor was a violinist with the Albany Symphony Orchestra from to Mesto, the third movement, translates as sad or melancholy. Hollywood beckoned and inhe was signed by Samuel Goldwyn to write songs for the movies. The Battle of Shiloh, March Having been born during the last year of the American Civil War, Barnhouse personally knew many of the veterans and surviving family members of that disastrous conflict.

The composer has attempted to convey his memories that go back to when his grandfather played accordion at home and everyone was sitting around him singing.

Fantasy Variations, On a Theme by Niccolo Paganini Niccolo Paganini - was one of the greatest virtuoso violinists of all time; he also was a noted composer. He believed that the destiny of music education is to teach man to love music, not merely as an amusement, but for its ennobling energy, for its power to make man better by arousing in him a perception of that which is good, just, and beautiful.

Rather than employing the band as a simple accompanying unit, the composition integrates the solo and band more in the traditional manner of the sonata; that is, the band shares principal thematic material with the solo part, with colorful use of percussion and solo woodwind voices.

Divertimento for Symphonic Band. The overture begins with a brass and percussion fanfare, becoming pensive until a new concept bursts forth. In addition, he composed music for band with aspirations of publishing his own music; inthe C.

Fleet Band Activities

The constantly shifting harmonic centers, angular rhythmic activity, aggressive counter-melodic writing, and joyous mood of this composition are reminiscent of Leonard Bernstein's Overture to Candide.

InBennett moved to Chicago, where he attended the Chicago College of Music and played for radio stations, hotels, and nightclubs. Alexander died in Liberty, NY, at the age of 38 due to complications of tuberculosis. Then, as there came a long crescendo, broken by dull beats of the bass drum, like the sound of distant cannon, a strange restless movement was to be heard among the people; and as the orchestra let itself go in a cataclysm of sweeping fury and thunder, they could contain themselves no longer, their overcharged souls burst forth with a tremendous explosion of feeling that raised my hair with terror.

Odyssey The composer wrote: He is best known for his Bye, Bye, Blues composed in for a tap dance troupe, which was published by Irving Berlin.

Eagle Bend seemed like a fitting name for this overture. The melodies were divided into two sets of four. He continued composing until his death in Seattle, Washington, in Thurston - one of my teachers. The music starts softly to the pulsating of the ocean waves.

Using the same tune, Bennett has added a coda - a final ending - to each movement, written in the style of each friend. Inhe was honored with the Walter J.

The Mad Major Kenneth J. In keeping with its title, Capriccio possesses a light and lively style with a somewhat improvisatory character. Mannin Veen Hector Berlioz: His Honor Howard Hanson:.


Program Notes

All listings here are in the public domain. You are free to use them as you see fit. If you use any of these notes bodily, it would be nice for you to acknowledge the author (if the author is given). (Hamilton arrangement is for flute solo with band accomp.

Notes suitable for any arr.) This tune’s origins. Music Program Writer in Washington DC for over 20 years. Thank you for visiting this website. Presumably you’re looking for Program Notes for your next concert, or next season — I’d be delighted to write them for you. Program Notes Fleet Band Activities Navy musicians (abbreviated as MU in the Navy) have a proud tradition of excellence in musical performance that encompasses a wide array of genres, styles and traditions.

Leonard Bernstein: Overture to Candide, Selections from West Side Story, Symphonic Dance Music from West Side Story, Danzon, The Wrong Note Rag Leroy Anderson: Irish Suite Lewis Buckley: Tribute to Doc, Dixieland Live! Choosing music and writing program notes using library resources.

DePaul University Library guide to researching music program notes.

Band program notes
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