Cane river guided notes

But this changes after she's raped by an older Frenchman. Louisiana's oldest general store. Cane River was a community made up of French planters, slaves and gens de couleur libre, or free people of color who "had accumulated a great deal of land and wealth and were just as likely to be slave owners as their white neighbors.

Why would someone raised in the jungle be so unwilling to go and live in "civilized society". The son is named Gerent, and Suzette later gives birth to a daughter, another child by Eugene, this one named Philomene.

She uses it to control Narcisse to some degree, convincing him that he will have children only with her. Oreline manages to avoid the advances of a white man named Narcisse and falls in love instead with a slave named Clement.

Sometimes she tells him of "visions" that she hasn't really had and thus leads him to make the choices she wants. Why do you think Emily continued to allow Joseph into her life after he kicked her out of their home and married another woman.

The two obtain permission to marry, and Philomene gives birth to twins, Thany and Bet.

Beautiful Louisiana

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Located in the National Historic Landmark District, a rare architectural example of life in Natchitoches during the 's. Do you think she was being reckless by taking Maia deep into the jungle to live with a strange tribe. Lalita Tademy weaves together history and the story of her own family to bring us an epic work of fiction, the dramatic, intertwining story of two families struggling to make a place for themselves in an America deeply divided after the Civil War.

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Each of the four major women characters in Cane River was born a slave, but even so, each made distinct choices regarding how she was going to live her life. Suzette wishes she could see more of the rest of her family, who live down in the "quarters" but she's relatively content.

The Tademys did just that. Compare the way the Carters react to the "life" of the Amazon with the way Maia does.

Cane River - Suzette, Chapters 1 through 5 Summary & Analysis

Which living situation do you think was easier: Over the years, the older women die off and the younger women of the family mature and take on the roles of leaders.

Suzette has jumped to her mother's defense, pointing out it was actually too much bourbon that made the man ill and is punished for her impertinence. Cane River by Lalita Tademy - Suzette, Chapters 1 through 5 summary and analysis.

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Take a guided tour to see three memorials dedicated to telling the story of slavery in Louisiana, as well as an original slave cabin and church.

Cane River Creole National Historical Park

The Whitney is one of the oldest and best-preserved plantations on River. Cane River has 42, ratings and 1, reviews. Jaline said: One of the strongest parts of this book that stood out for me was the depth and breadth of /5.

Cane River is a family saga by Lalita Tademy. It was chosen as an Oprah's Book Club selection. In a blend of fact and fiction, Tademy tells the story of four generations of her slave-born female ancestors — Elisabeth, Suzette, Philomene, and Emily — following their trajectories from the s to the

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